Artist Massimo Sacchetti

Massimo Sacchetti is an eclectic contemporary Italian artist from the Italian Alps of Aosta Valley, Italy and has exhibited over the years in various important locations in Italy, Finland, Great Britain, the United States, Germany and France. He is a Lecturer at the Art School of Aosta and he has been collaborating for years with numerous art and design institutes.

This is the website I put together for him to showcase his works.

Studio-t International Casting & Services

Studio t is the first to bring the casting profession to Italy and is the first casting studio located in the heart of Rome, Italy, between Castel Sant’Angelo & Vatican city. Their specialised casting directors excell in finding the best actors, locally and internationally for Cinema, Tv and commercials.

The Casting Agency Studio-t was searching for a change in image and had approached me for a brand refresh. An overhaul of their digital brand voice was required. The brand works primarily in the cinema industry and deals mainly with producers, directors, agents and actors who are their main audience. They were in need of attracting a more international clientele and to update their image. This created the platform for the clean look contrasted with bold colours of the new brand aesthetics, font system and associated collateral.


Tuscan Organic Winery Manucci Droandi

Mannucci Droandi is a traditional organic wine producer from Tuscany with a wine producing portfolio that dates back two generations. They approached me in need for a brand overhaul as they were in need of a fresh updated presence online. I chose the clean crisp background to bring focus to the wine bottles and photos and chose to include elements Bacchus, the ancient Roman God of wine by including elements from the great Italian painters from Tuscany, such as Leonardo Da Vinci’s hand.